Austell Create

We have set ourselves the task of creating a cultural argument for visiting and using St Austell, not just based on retail. 

Our ambition is to see if we can turn the centre of St Austell into a giant ceramics and cultural exhibition site where whole streets are festooned with tiles and the Market House would house artisan studios. 

The outcome will be that St Austell will become a hub where people can learn ceramic art skills and become inspired to learn about – and have pride in – the history of their local china clay industry.

The first step of our vision is to bring public engagement to visually deprived areas of the town to build pride and confidence in our built environment, the work is being undertaken by Whitegold and Austell Project.

Established and emerging artists from all parts of the world have been invited to respond to 4 public art installations briefs to be installed in St Austell town centre. A shortlist of artists were invited to St Austell for a tour of the region’s clay country before submitting a statement of intent that draws on the culture of the St Austell area. The jury made up of local residents and business owners selected the artists from the shortlist as final winners to develop their proposal for completion in time for the 2020 Whitegold Festival.

Artists who are contributing the scheme are:

David Mach | Marion Brandis | Matt Davis | Sandy Brown | Cleo Mussi | Susan Elliott | Jenny Beavan | Simon Bayliss | Studio Hot.Mess | Paul Jackson | Georgia Gendall

Find out more about each artist

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