Marion Brandis

Marion Brandis has been awarded the Treudhow commission to create a ceramic art installation which will be displayed in St Austell Town Centre. Marion will be making the work from local china clay and encouraging local people to help with pieces at an event at Wheal Martyn Clayworks on Saturday 16th of May 2020.

The artwork will be inspired by the key concerns of the Whitegold project – China Clay, the culture of clay country, the areas gardens, the natural world and the future environment, somehow adding to a sense of place for St Austell and as a focus for civic pride.

Marion is an experienced artist working in public spaces in mosaic. Quite classic/traditional in style we hope the work will sit well in this conservation area with the Grade II listed building behind. The panel was particularly interested in her current work with spherical sculptures and the idea of one created specifically to celebrate the connections of the town from this point. Well known for the natural themes in her work she is keen to work with plants here.

There is a great opportunity here to introduce some initial greening elements into the town centre and we hope that the stakeholders involved in this location will work with the artist to look at improving the setting, including surrounding walls.

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