Whitegold Festival started off in 2016 with a few dedicated potters, some visionary local businesses and community leaders, a few table tops and some clay. The idea was simple – persuade people to get that clay under their nails and feel the joy of transforming a shapeless mass into a work of art limited only by their imagination. We hoped to inspire a few people in this way and that they would go on to inspire more, and more…

The festival has grown year on year, with more opportunities to marvel at the creativity of others, see (and buy from) some of the finest ceramic talent Cornwall and the South West has to offer, sit back and take in one of the intriguing performances in dance and song telling the myths and stories of the clay. With displays about all things clay, clay talks and clay walks, we think you’ll find something to see, hear or do, and afterwards perhaps feel inspired to tell more people about Whitegold and St Austell.

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