Town Greening

A series of green sites located within St Austell including Linear Park, Bethel Park and the green space surrounding Mount Charles roundabout have been identified to be improved to bring more colour, enjoyment and access to nature to the local community whilst improving the natural biodiverse habitats which attract birds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies.

A conceptual community garden – Designs for a statement landform community garden with crescent moon shapes that echos the tiers and excavation within the clay pits and The Great Treverbyn Skytip of St Austell with specimen magnolia and silver birch trees planted within the space is underway. Site locations are currently being reviewed as part of the key entrance gateways Greening project.

Seated in colour – As part of the shared goal to bring more colour and enjoyment of our local environment to our community new street benches are being installed across St Austell. The first site to receive the benches is located opposite the Mount Charles roundabout. The benches were selected for their functional design, where rainwater doesn’t collect along the seat base ensuring greater longevity of the benches, their sculptural, linear language enabling them to blend into each different environment whilst creating a visual connection with the ceramic art installations being delivered across the town in their ability to be painted in different colours.

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